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  • Headdress with porcelain flowers of golden and nude pistils and orange blossom with three chains. We create our porcelain flowers handmade , flower by flower and we dye them with ocher of the French Provence. We customize colors, flowers and shapes of each of our pieces to make them unique. It attaches easily with fork and has several positions.

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  • Midi wreath of hydrangea and pistils of orange blossoms in shades of salmon and nude, ideal for romantic brides and stylish guests. You can place it in several positions. We create our own porcelain wreaths handmade and dyed with ocher of the French Provence. We customize the colors, flowers and shape of each of our pieces to make it unique.

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  • Our candle has a delicate and soft aroma that conveys a similar sense as wearing a silk dress. Delicate, floral and romantic, like a bouquet of peonies in a vase of a sewing atelier. Handmade in Spain from essential oils and vegetable waxes. Weight: 230 gr. / 8.11 oz Duration: 40 h.

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