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    Let it snow! blouse


    We reissue the Let it snow! blouse in a limited number. 

    The Let it snow! It has already become a classic of our Christmases that returns to the shop when these dates approach.

    All our Christmas fantasy in an adorable "print". We have created our own print for the Christmas capsule and printed it on organic cotton poplin.

    Left cuff with lacing and message "Let it Snow!" and right fist vivid in black. Button detail and black piping on the placket and collar.

    Slightly fitted cut.

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    Blouse made of organic cotton poplin with a Christmas "print" created for the Christmas capsule collection.

    The purity of a warm white winter. The point of naivety of Vichy and our most naive prints.

    It contains the illusion of opening the trunk of the Christmas decorations every December and the magic of walking through the snow through a Christmas market.

    Take a look at other garments from the XMAS ALL THE YEAR capsule collection and we'll transport you back to our exquisite and sophisticated Christmas!

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